Meal Applications

Turn in Applications to:


For the fastest processing of your Free & Reduced Meal Application, please apply online! 

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Or you may obtain and return a paper application to the district office, or at school sites in the counseling office.


One application per household please. 


Meal Applications

Free and Reduced Price Meals are available to families whose income falls within the National School Lunch Program Eligibility Guidelines. If you feel your family may qualify for the Free & Reduced Meal Program please complete and submit  a "Free and Reduced Meal Price Application Form." The forms can be obtained and returned (completed) to any school office. You will be notified by mail of your child's status. Until notification you must provide your child with a lunch or lunch money.

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Please complete one application per family. The information you provide will be used to determine your family's eligibility for free or reduced-priced meals. This information may also be used for other state or federally funded school benefits.

INCOME ELIGIBLE: Factors considered in the application process are household size and total household income. Household size for the purpose of making an eligibility determination for free and reduced priced benefits is based on an economic unit. An economic unit is a group of related or unrelated individuals who are living as one economic unit, and whose members share housing, significant income, and expenses. Total household income is the income each household member received last month before any deductions. Household income includes: wages, Social Security benefits, pensions, unemployment, child support, alimony, rental income, and any other cash income. Provide the last four digits of the Social Security number for the person signing the application or mark the box “I do not have a SS#” if they have not been issued one. Incomplete applications will be returned to the home which may delay eligibility of benefits.


DIRECT CERTIFICATION: Families receiving benefits from one of the following Assistance Programs: CALFresh (food stamps), CALWorks, KinGAP, and/or FDPIR are categorically eligible for free meals. The district works with the El Dorado County Office of Human Services to identify families that are categorically eligible for free meals. Families identified through the direct certification program will be notified that they qualify for free meals by a Notice of Eligibility mailed to their address of record. If you have not received a Notice of Eligibility from the district office and your family is receiving benefits under one of the listed assistance programs please complete an application. A valid Assistance Program case number must be provided on the application. If you do not know your case number please contact your county social worker for assistance.


FOSTER CHILDREN: Foster children are categorically eligible for the Free and Reduced Meal Program. A foster child is a child whose care and placement is the responsibility of a State or local welfare agency or who is placed by a court with a caretaker household. This applies only to foster children who are formally placed by the State welfare agency or court. It does not apply to informal arrangements, such as caretaker arrangements or to permanent guardianship placements, which may exist outside of or as a result of State or court based systems. The court must retain legal custody of the child, whether placed by a welfare agency or a court, in order for a child to be considered categorically eligible for free meals. If your student is a foster youth and you have not been notified by the district that they are eligible for the Free and Reduced Meal Program please complete an application and submit it to the school or district office.